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Technology Overview

Technical Management Consultancy

Technology is a business enabler. In a project’s early stages, we work with stakeholders to determine the business case and define technology requirements. The resulting strategy defines their enterprise architecture – a high-level road map designed to fuel business success.

The right strategy opens up communication between stakeholders, balancing functionality with cost and risk, from day one. It has paved the way to success on projects, such as our work for leading Macau Hospitality Clients where our business and technology solutions delivered considerable business efficiencies.

Systems Design and Procurement

Our long-term engagement in diverse market sectors provides us the understanding we need to design systems that provide robust platforms for business improvement.

With market insight, we help clients seize opportunities. Our transformative ideas for technology in Property have been put into practice and cited in the development of world-class facilities and the successful provision of IT and communications technologies for leading property developers.

We use our wide experience and global network to tailor teams that bring the right skills to each project. We continually refine our expertise and draw on in-depth understanding of the latest technological advances so that we can ‘future proof’ systems and protect investment as far as possible.

Project and Program Management
Practical experience in the successful implementation of solutions and technical assurance means that we can confidently manage risk – from operability to program and budget.

Technology and construction have divergent Project life cycles. Where they meet, Engage provides clarity and understanding. Our technology experts speak the language of architects, engineers and contractors. As a result, construction teams understand how to best incorporate technology and clients get the solutions they need.  We are able to provide Program, Project and Site Management teams to Projects, liaising with a large variety of stakeholders at different levels, from Strategy to Testing and Commissioning of Systems.

Opening readiness

With the facility complete and technology installed, opening readiness brings systems and people together for a smooth transition from construction to operation. Here, our ability to advise multiple stakeholders is seen to best effect – managing trials, resolving technical issues, monitoring interoperability and steering the sequence of opening. 

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