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Security and Surveillance Solutions

Security & Surveillance Design and Consultancy Solutions

Engage's is capable of delivering end-to-end Designs to both New and Existing Projects. Engage provides designs from Conceptual, Design Development, Tender Designs and Construction Drawings Designs. Our design are reinforced with Design Reports Specifications that is aligned with the current Project location.

Our Security & Surveillance Services are : (but not limited)

1. Surveillance System

2. Security Access Control System

3. Guard Tour System

4. Radio System

We also provide cost & technical evaluation for all Tender Packages for Security & Surveillance Systems. Engage shall provide seamless support and consultancy services up to the Project Hand-Over Stage.

Engage has local Professional individuals and partners on multiple countries all over the World.

The System Design Strategy are as follows:


·         Directly Support Department Operations

·         Enable Business Goals

·         Provide a Safe, Secure and Welcoming environment

·         Enable Asset Protection

·         Value for Money

·         Consider both CAPEX and OPEX

·         Solutions “need to last” i.e. cannot have a replacement date within 8 – 10 years.

·         Solutions need to be Scalable in a cost effective, efficient manner.

·         Solutions need Spare Parts that are available and market priced.

·         Efficient Operations in terms of minimize “learning-curve”, ease of operations, cost-effectiveness.

·         Future Proofed

·         Latest and Proven Technology

·         Technology Upgrade and Refresh path including practicalities and costs.

·         Avoid Proprietary solutions and “Vendor Lock-In”, including choice of Vendors

·         Enable stand-alone Operations whilst having Interface to different systems as appropriate, to enable self-contained self-sufficient operations.

·         Designs for a dedicated SCR and Office area to the Security & Surveillance Monitoring Room

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