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​ICT Design & Consultancy

Integrated Communications Technology Design and Consultancy

Engage provides a complete IT Network Infrastructure system shall be provided to support the data transmission for all building systems types, including but not be limited to:

1. Administration 

2. Gaming Systems 

3. Guest Services

These Services include but not limited to the following:


1. Internet


3. Data

4. Voice

We also provide Network designs that includes PMS, POS, BoH application, FoH applications, Hotel Guest Locking System, AV system, IPTV system, access control system, RCU, Office Automation, and other Services.


The design deliveries for the IT Network Infrastructure are summarized as follows:

A. A converged IP communication platform for the various applications and services.

B. Multiple physical shared networks for the Project including Guest Internet LAN (GIL), Main Communication LAN (MCL) and Surveillance Network. This follows most requirements and typical gaming integrated resort Industry best-practice.

C. Network design of any Tier requirements, comprising core, distribution and access layer. Separate Surveillance network which is on a different Tier requirement to facilitate zero-latency video streaming. And an additional separate
network for out-of-band network dedicated solely to network management of all networks and domains.

D. Scalable Network by replicating the modular network blocks and it is built with resiliency from the architecture down to each of the network components to ensure extremely high availability and no single point of failure.

E. Network is also designed with multiple-layered security to prevent intrusion and attacks from external network. All the network devices are real time monitoring by Network Management System.

F. Data Center Design that houses all Core and Distribution switching/routing infrastructure; provide for termination of structured cabling; servers and SAN’s for the various application systems and services.


G. Security and Surveillance Server Room Design that houses servers/SANs.

H. Network Infrastructure is to be implemented in a non-blocking, resilient network to support 24x7 non-stop services.

I. Network Infrastructure shall provide a resilient infrastructure capable of meeting the initial performance, functional and capability criteria set out within this specification as well as being scalable to meet the expansion requirements.

J. Network Infrastructure shall provide the data transport infrastructure to meet the network performance and capability criteria.

K. Network Infrastructure design shall provide sufficient bandwidth and be capable of supporting a variety of applications with differing transmission requirements through the implementation of QoS mechanisms and associated prioritization techniques. In general, Quality of Service (QoS) will be applied on the real-time, latency-sensitive traffic in order to avoid packet drops or congestion of those real-time and latency-sensitive traffics. It is important to know the characteristics of network traffic running on it during the design phase.

L. Network Infrastructure design shall be based on ease of operation and management.

M. Network Infrastructure shall have robust security and manageability. The network is the underlying platform for all information systems and as such a primary requirement exists to prevent information leaks and illegal attacks.

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